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A brief examination of my mental health

I was in the dark when I walked away from hockey. I thought I knew everything but, turned out to know nothing at all. I was walking down a frustratingly foggy and murky path, one I didn’t comprehend, and I was numbing the pain with the typical vices.

For years I tried to ignore the sweeping effects my mental health was having on my life. I knew that I seemed more “emotional” and “sensitive” than others around me, but I had no idea the trench I was digging for myself to live in.

I have been in and out of the psychiatric realm for several years now, trying to put into words what I’ve experienced. I have tried many different medications and spoken to several different doctors about my mental struggle. My diagnosis is a mood disorder, but I have yet to find a medication that helps. This is a constant struggle not knowing if a medication will ever truly help… I wonder if I’m just “like this” and will always be “like this.”

Training in cognitive behavioral therapy has helped me consider that my initial feelings and reactions can be the depression or anxiety talking, and that using coping methods – rather than avoidance and hiding –can help me get back out in the world. This training helped me gain tools I’ve began using to tackle these rifts I find myself in.

I find that “creatively coping” helps the most. It can be hard to stay motivated to continue fighting through the negative thoughts, and I have a hard time communicating, especially when in an “episode.” When I’m low, I’m low, and it becomes very difficult to look beyond myself and find positivity… but I haven’t given up on this just yet.

This is where ShareYourHeart.today comes in. That’s right… a website that ends not in .com or .net, but .today!

This site’s purpose is to share positivity in a world where more and more people find themselves stuck in the darkness. Brief, wonderful moments that touch the heart remind me that there is not only hope, but that life has a little bit of magic in it… and no matter how down and out you might feel, there can be an extraordinary uplift found – if you look for it. I continue to push and remind myself to choose happy; I don’t want to give up and give in to the negativity.

ShareYourHeart.today is a way to seek out the positive and step away from the negative. I and the other site curators aim to find thoughts, stories and images that touch the heart, reminding us – including me – that it is still there and working. I hope anyone struggling in their own lives might find these moments of heartwarming images, videos and stories to be a little piece of medicine, and a reminder that despite what’s going on in our heads, our hearts are still in the right place… wanting to take a leading role.

Follow your heart. And share your heart… today.